Contract Financing

Contract financing is basically a way for a company to receive cash in advance on the work you have not yet to perform. Besides, it is bonded by a contract which is to be used as a collateral between you and your customer. Some business owners managed to get the contract from the government or third party. However, they might not have enough funding to execute the contract to pick the benefits. Hence, contract financing is able to help in such cases.

How We Can Help

This loan is designed for individuals who plan to take on larger orders and we can ensure that you have all the funds you need to proceed with your projects. It can even help your business against business delays and unexpected late payments by clients.
We can provide you with a loan which can provide you with extra cash to ensure that you are able to take on all the contracts you can handle which could help your business grow faster.
In addition, we are known to be the best licensed money lender in this industry. Besides, we have more than 15 years of experience in the loan industry which makes us well known in the business industry. Lastly, we can help you with the funds in order for you to proceed with your projects and grow your business faster


  1. Letter of acceptance from contract awarder.
  2. Development order or building plan approval from local authority.
  3. Detailed costing or Bill of Quantities prepared by qualified Quantity Surveyor.
  4. Contract documents.
  5. Layout /Building plan prepared by project architect.
  6. Contractor/Consultant profiles.
  7. Registration certificate with CIDB.
  8. Project Cash Flow.
  9. Location Plan

Our Feature

  1. We provide an easy application process when you apply loan from us.
  2. You can be updated on the estimated loan that you qualify by just giving us a phone call.
  3. Loan has high chances of approval with a collateral.
  4. We provide a flexible repayment terms which ensures that it fits your personal needs.

Our Loan Services

If you are in need of funding for projects you have taken up, do not hesitate to call us! We are here to provide you with the proper finances in order for you proceed with your projects which in return will increase your company’s returns and profits.


Therefore, if you have any problems with water leaking, or suspected waterproofing issues, do call us. It is definitely better to rectify the problem when it is small, as the problem may still be confined to a small space. And you may not need to incur so much cost to rectify the small problem. However, if you procrastinate, the small problem may become a big problem if the situation deteriorates. You would then need to spend more time, energy and money to fix the problem.