Working Capital Loan

Working Capital is a type of loan which is taken for running the everyday operations of a company. As we know, working capital is to cover staff wages and the account payable of the organization. Sometimes, businesses may suffer  emergency cash needs due to delay in collection from customer payments or decelerate in sales. Hence, working capital loan is suitable for this purpose.

In addition, money from the loan is not for long term assets or investments. Besides, the funds are usually for short term and temporary business funding. Hence, this is the reason why borrowing the funds from a bank wouldn’t be an ideal choice as the process of application takes too long time.

How We Can Help

Therefore, it is important to get temporary funding for the company in a fast manner by applying for this loan instead of applying for a bank loan which may take a longer process.

Who Are We

Firstly, we are known to be the best licensed money lender in the industry. Besides, we have more than 15 years of experience in the loan industry which makes us known to the many corporate company around Malaysia.

Most importantly, we specialize in business loanSME loancheque cashing and personal loan.


  1. Business must operate for more than 6 months.
  2. SSM registration or local authorities (E.g. MBPJ).
  3. Existing business site (factories, shops, offices).
  4. 6 months of the company’s bank statement.
  5. A copy of the IC and Utility bills of the business owners and directors.

Any clients who do not meet any of the requirements statement above, kindly leave your contact details with us. Drop your details on where you are from, what business you are doing, and also your average income. We will call you back to explain on a case to case basis loan

Where Are We Specialize In

We do provide our service in state of Malaysia like Selangor, Johor,Perak,Terengganu and Penang.

However, we are just mainly focus on Penang area such as Parit Buntar,Perai,Butterworth ,Bukit Tambun , Permatang Tinggi ,Machang Bubok ,Alma,Bukit Jawi and also other area in Penang.

Our Feature

  1. Easy application process.
  2. Low document requirements.
  3. Fast approval process.
  4. Quick disbursement of loan.
  5. Flexible term


If you have a company and is looking to apply for a working capital loan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you solve your company’s financial struggles. Besides, we do provide short term and long term quick loans to fit your needs.